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Resident Qualifying Criteria

Applications will not be considered complete without a photo-copied government issued photo identification, one month's proof of income, and the non-refundable application fee.

**Applications must be paid in office. We do not accept online payments for applications.**


Please read the qualifying criteria below prior to submitting an online application.

1. A separate rental application must be fully completed, dated and signed by each applicant over the age of 18. Applications can be submitted online or in our office.


2. The rental application will be viewed when submitted to ensure we have all informaiton needed to determine your eligibility.


3. Each applicant must provide government issued photo identification and allow it to be photocopied.


4. If applicant's family will be occupyng the dwelling, the family size must be appropriate for the available home (i.e. no more than two adults per bedroom, in most cicumstances).


5. Employment and monthly income must be verifiable. Total monthly income of all applicants must be 4 times the monthly rent. We do not include child support or financial aid/student loans as income.


6. Applicant(s) may be denied occupancy for the following reasons:

     a. Falsification of application by any applicant

     b. Incomplete application by an applicant

     c. Insufficient income (total of all applicants)

     d. Criminal conviction history committed by an applicant or by other occupants (including children)  

         who plan to live in the unit

     e. Poor rental history of any applicant for non-payment of rent or frequent late payments, eviction,   

         drug use, poor housekeeping, unruly or destructive behavior by applicant or guests, and violence to

         persons or property by applicants or guests.

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